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50Cent Discografia (1998-2011) Resubida

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(1998) Power Of The Dollar

Track List

02-The Hit
03-The Good Die Young
04-Corner Bodega
05-Your Life's on the Line
06-That Ain't Gangsta
07-As the World Turns
08-Ghetto Qu'ran
09-Da Repercussions
10-Money by Any Means
11-Material Girl 2000
12-Thug Love
13-Slow Dough
15-You Ain't No Gangsta
16-Power of the Dollar
17-I'm a Hustler
18-How to Rob

(2002) Guess Who's Back

Track List

01-Killa Tape Intro
02-Rotten Apple
03-Skit Drop
04-That's What's Up (feat G Unit)
05-50 Bars
06-Get Out The Club
07-Be A Gentleman
08-Fuck You
09-Too Hot (feat. NAS & Bravehearts)
10-Who U Rep With
11-Corner Bodega
12-As The World Turns (feat U.G.K)
13-Whoo Kid Freestyle
14-Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
15-Doo Wop Freestyle

(2003) Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Track List

02-What Up Gangsta?
03-Patiently Waiting
04-Many Men
05-In da Club
06-High All Da Time
08-If I Can't
09-Blood Hound
10-Back Down
12-Like My Style
13-Poor Lil' Rich
14-21 Questions
15-Don't Push Me
16-Gotta Make It To Heaven
18-U Not Like Me
19-Life's On The Line

(2005) Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Soundtrack

Track List

01-Hustler's Ambition
02-What If
03-Things Change
04-You Already Know
05-When Death Becomes You
06-Have A Party
07-We Both Think Alike (Feat. Olivia)
08-Don't Need No Help (Young Buck)
09-Get Low (Lloyd Banks)
10-Fake Love (Tony Yayo)
11-Window Shopper
12-Born Alone, Die Alone (Lloyd Banks)
13-You a Shooter (Mobb Deep Feat. 50 Cent)
14-I Don't Know Officer (Feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Spider Loc & Ma$e)
15-Talk About Me
16-When It Rains It Pours
18- Best Friend
19-I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (Feat. Young Buck)

(2005) The Massacre

Track List

01-Intro (The Massacre)
02-In My Hood
03-This Is 50
04-I'm Supposed To Die Tonight
05-Piggy Bank
06-Gatman And Robbin (Feat. Eminem)
07-Candy Shop (Feat. Olivia)
08-Outta Control
09-Get In My Car
10-Ski Mask Way
11-A Baltimore Love Thing
12-Ryder Music
13-Disco Inferno
14-Just A Lil Bit
15-Gunz Come Out
16-My Toy Soldier (Feat. Tony Yayo)
17-Position Of Power
18-Build You Up (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
19-God Gave Me Style
20-So Amazing (Feat. Olivia)
21-I Don't Need 'Em
22-Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix) (Bonus Track) (Feat. The Game, Tony Yayo, Y

(2007) After Curtis

Track List

01-Ayo Technology feat Justin Timberlake (Timbaland Remix - New Version) (Exclu)
02-Follow My Lead feat Robin Thicke (New Single)
03-Part Time Lover (Exclu)
04-What Do You Got feat Eminem (Exclu)
05-Mama Africa feat Akon (New Akon's Single Remix) (Exclu)
06-G-Unit We On Some Shit (Exclu)
07-Don't Turn The Lights Off feat Hod Rod
08-Don't Want To Talk About It (Exclu)
09-Smile (I'm Leavin') (Exclu)
10-I Get Money feat Ludacris (Remix) (Exclu)
11-I Get Money feat P. Diddy & Jay-Z (1, 2, 3 Remix) (Exclu)
12-G-Unit Southside feat Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks
13-Straight 2 The Bank Part. 2 feat Hod Rod
14-WW III Freestyle feat Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks & Mobb Deep (Exclu)
15-Queens feat LL Cool J, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap & Tony Yayo
16-Billions (Exclu)
17-I Got Hoes feat Hod Rod
18-Infrared feat AB (Exclu)
19-So Serious (Exclu)
20-G-Unit - Coke Life (Exclu)
21-Ayo Tecnology feat Justin Timberlake (Prod By Timbaland) (Single) (Bonus)

(2007) Curtis

Track List

02-My Gun Go Off
03-Man Down
04-I'll Still Kill
05-I Get Money
06-Come & Go
07-Ayo Technology
08-Follow My Lead
09-Movin on Up
10-Straight to the Bank
11-Amusement Park
12-Fully Loaded Clip
13-Peep Show
15-All of Me
16-Curtis 187
17-Touch the Sky

(2009) Before I Self Destruct

Track List

01-The Invitation
02-Then Days Went By
03-Death To My Enemies
04-So Disrespectful
05-Psycho (Feat. Eminem)
06-Hold Me Down
07-Crime Wave
09-Strong Enough
10-Get It Hot
11-Gangsta's Delight
12-I Got Swag
13-Baby By Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)
14-Do You Think About Me
15-Ok, You're Right
16-Could've Been You (Feat. R. Kelly) (Bonus)

(2009) Forever King

Track List

01-I'm Paranoid
02-Respect It or Check It
03-Suicide Watch
04-Things We Do
05-Get The Money
06-Funny How Time Flies
07-If U Leaving Then Leave
09-Michael Jackson Freestyle
10-London Girl Pt 2
11-Touch Me
12-Put That Work In

(2009) War Angel LP

Track List

01-I Line Niggas
02-Talking In Codes
03-OK, Ya Right
04-Redrum (Murder)
05-C.R.E.A.M. 2009
06-I'll Do Anything
07-London Girl
08-Better Come On Your A Game
09-Get The Message
10-Cocaine Ft Robin Thicke
11-I Gotta Win
12-Mixtape Outro

(2010) Criminal Minded

Track List

02-Poetry In Da Club
03-From The Southside
04-Many 9's Go Bang
05-Thug Sponsor
06-Elementary Style
07-High On Dope
08-4 The P
09-The Bridge Back Down
10-Super Pimp
11-Criminal Minded Life
12-Gansta T'Cha
13-Da #1 Heatwave

(2011) Instrumental

Track List

01-21 questions
02-A Baltimore Love Thing
03-Amusement Park
04-Back down
05-Be A Gentleman
06-Blood hound
07-Dont push me
08-Get Down
09-Get In My Car
10-God Gave Me Style
11-Gotta make it to heaven
12-Gunz Come Out
13-Hate It Or Love It
15-High all the time
16-Hustler's Ambition
17-I Dont Know Officer
18-If i cant
19-Iin da club
20-Just A Lil Bit
21-Like my style
22-Many men
24-Patiently waiting
25-Piggy Bank
26-Poor lil rich
27-Position Of Power
28-Ryder Music
29-Ski Mask Way
30-So Amazing
31-The Good Die Young
32-This Is 50
33-U not like me
34-Unreleased Beat
36-What up gangsta

(2011) Magic In Queens

Track List

01-Old 2003 Ferrari
02-Wish Me Luck ft Governor
04-Happy New Year Freestyle
05-Im A Hustler ft Obie Trice
06-Dark Fantasy ft Kanye West Prod by 2050
07-Wanksta Remix ft Eminem
08-Nah ft Governor
09-Better Walk ft Kidd Kidd Snippet
10-You Should Be Dead Remix ft Crooked I
11-Shut Up Bitch
12-5 Senses ft Jeremih
13-Do I Skit
14-Here We Go Again ft Governor


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